steroids rule!

so, as you’ve probably gathered from my past few blog posts, chemo has not been getting any easier as time has gone on.  but, i am quite pleased to report that, thanks to a lovely new addition to my (increasingly strong) drug cocktail, i have emerged from round 9 relatively unscathed.  i resisted steroids for as long as i could, given my persistent aversion to drugs of all kinds, but am so glad i finally relented.  this time, i felt sick and nauseous and tired and all that fun stuff, but at least i felt like myself.  i didn’t go so far into a hazy, drug-induced stupor as to be unrecognizable to myself and others, and that was a huge relief.  let’s go three week break!  and then it’s back for round 10.  ding ding ding.  hooray steroids!

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