In a timely development for those interested in learning more about this leading-edge treatment, The New York Times is in the midst of publishing a series of articles about immunotherapy, starting with this one, which covers the basics. Links to the other articles in the series can be found within the story. 

What is Immunotherapy? The Basics on these Cancer Treatments

It seems like this has the potential to be the game-changer in cancer treatment I always hoped I’d be alive to see/benefit from. The version I’ll be receiving seems like a beta test: the crudest and most rudimentary iteration of what will ultimately become a precise and sophisticated science. Fascinating stuff!

the timing of the shrew


time is a cruel mistress. 

wrathfully, she steals the sands of my days and stockpiles them in dunes of night. useless, empty, tedious night when the world is asleep to my vigil, asleep as i watch her open her fingers, 


and let the grains trickle through.

time, you mocking shrew, you dominatrix,

give me back my sand. 

let me spend it how i want to

let this nightly vigil end. 

steroids rule!


so, as you’ve probably gathered from my past few blog posts, chemo has not been getting any easier as time has gone on.  but, i am quite pleased to report that, thanks to a lovely new addition to my (increasingly strong) drug cocktail, i have emerged from round 9 relatively unscathed.  i resisted steroids for as long as i could, given my persistent aversion to drugs of all kinds, but am so glad i finally relented.  this time, i felt sick and nauseous and tired and all that fun stuff, but at least i felt like myself.  i didn’t go so far into a hazy, drug-induced stupor as to be unrecognizable to myself and others, and that was a huge relief.  let’s go three week break!  and then it’s back for round 10.  ding ding ding.  hooray steroids!