learning to dance in the rain

Last summer, my dear friend Chelsea made me a paper chain — with one link for each day of radiation treatment. More than just a creative way to mark my progress through treatment, on each piece of the chain Chelsea wrote a meaningful quote by some of her — and my — favorite authors, poets and philosophers. I’ve been revisiting the stack of quotes recently and have found many to be timely and relevant to my present situation.


The three pictured below, in particular, help capture the peace that found me during our staycation weekend at the Merendino/Williams pad in Pasadena. I find that it’s easy to breeze glibly by quotes like these unless I am intentional about pausing and thinking and allowing them to really reach me.


I took the time today to sit with each of these three quotes and think about why it felt meaningful to me in the context of this special weekend. Here goes:

It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. 

In the most literal sense, I was hoping for a warm, cloudless weekend that would allow us to take advantage of the pool at the Pasadena house. While the clouds did burn off in the afternoons, it was mostly pretty overcast and chilly. On Sunday morning, when Mike and I paid our friends Eileen and Ned a visit at their new house (affectionately dubbed “The Hobbit Hole”) in La Crescenta, it was actually raining. The misty rain, however, along with hot tea, coffee and oh-so-flaky pastries we picked up at Gio’s in Montrose, were the perfect backdrop against which to be introduced to Eileen and Ned’s quaint mountain cabin. The clouds also provided the perfect weather for sleeping in, napping, and just generally relaxing — something Mike, Tim, Jen and I took full advantage of during the entire weekend.

We must let go of the life we have planned, so we can accept the one that is waiting for us. — Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell has been a spirit guide throughout my entire journey with cancer, and these words have resonated with me for many years. This weekend was just another example of the gifts that are waiting when we are able to let go in the struggle to hold on to our hopes and dreams and accept what life is offering instead. In the case of this weekend, it was precious time with Tim and Jen, whom we don’t get to see nearly often enough. Interesting conversations about healthcare and food policy, hilarious stories about the antics, trials and tribulations of Jen’s fourth-grade students, and laughter over our fumbling attempts to deliver prompts in a game of Taboo.

We do not remember the days. We remember the moments.

Here are a few of the moments I’ll remember and treasure from this weekend:

  • Sitting with Mike, Eileen and Ned in The Hobbit Hole eating a crumbly, not-too-sweet, coffee-cake muffin, drinking a ginger hot tea and petting the kitty, Ginger.
  • Taking a sunset walk with Mike on a peaceful dirt path lined by mature trees.
  • Looking out toward the mountains from the patio with Mike and Tim sitting close by.
  • Gazing at Van Gogh’s Portrait of a Peasant during our visit to the Norton Simon Museum.
  • Enjoying a late-night donut meet-up in Eagle Rock with our friends Jeff and Ana.
  • Preparing a simple-but-satisfying meal of grilled kabobs and rice with Mike, Tim and Jen.
  • Lying in bed reading in the late afternoon sun and waking up an hour and a half later from a delicious nap.

We are SO grateful to our friend, Ted, and his parents, Gari and Ellen, for making this little staycation possible for us. It was the perfect location — not too far from home to make the drive uncomfortable for me, but far enough to make it feel like a real holiday-weekend getaway. I’ve loved the Merendino/Williams Pasadena home ever since Ted first introduced me to it in college, and it made for the just the change of scenery I needed to escape from purgatory for the weekend.

life is uncertain; eat dessert first


loved this sign (and all the throwback signage) at the new(ish) santa monica place market.  the message was particularly timely since i’d just had diddy reese as a pre-dinner snack!

a simple idea, but an important reminder to each of us that we don’t know what life will place in our path tomorrow.  what better time than the present to be ourselves, pursue our passions, experience meaningful connections with others…and EAT DESSERT?